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From: Ross Cassell (1:123/456)
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Date: Fri, 19.08.11 21:59
Error in the your no
Hello Michiel!

19 Aug 11 10:50, you wrote to me:

RC>> Of course you dont tell him the history behind that. do you
RC>> Michelle?

MV> I am sure you Rose, will fill him in.

It would have sounded better if it came from you!

RC>> You dont dare tell him the stories of you all telling us all on
RC>> how we should feel about the terror attacks of 9-11..

RC>> You remember that, you said it was all our fault and that somehow
RC>> that made the attacks somehow justifiable?

MV> I never said the attacks were justified.

Perhaps, but that is what inference was drawn by reading in between the lines.

You all also inferred that doing nothing about the attacks was preferrable.

RC>> and this is more proof that your obtusiveness all along has been
RC>> aligned with Zonal Revenge..

MV> You see what you want to see.

I see see that which you have stated..

RC>> *I* didnt ram no policy down your throat!!!

MV> No you personally did not ram P4 down our throat. But you DO continue
MV> to bully us in the same attitude. THAT is what we have enough of. We
MV> could forget the bullying of the past. IF it would have stopped. But
MV> you just continue to do it.

What is this *WE* shit, why do you continually pose as the self appointed
spokesman for whatever group?

Giving Felten credit here, I have never seen him bellyache about it, but I have
seen you do so!
I have not seen Ward Dossche bellyache about it, but I have seen you do so!
I have not seem Herman Neut bellyache about it, but I have seen you do so!
I have not seen Steven Leeman bellyache about it, but I have seen you do so!
I could go on but you get the drift..

You need to let go of your emotional baggage, it will be your undoing.

RC>> However over the years, I noticed and heard tell of how well
RC>> adjusted you Euro's became with Policy,

MV> Yes, we learned to live with it. That does not change the fact that it
MV> WAS rammed down our throat.

Kind of like how you Dutch rammed apartheid down the throats of the South
Africans way back!

RC>> Dont go bellyaching about the past, it cannot be changed, nor is
RC>> it being repeated in this case.

MV> Yes, it is repeated. You keep on trying to submit us to your way of
MV> doing things by force. You wanted Z1 style moderation in the FidoNews
MV> echo. You wanted a pro-USA man for Fidonews editor.

I want a Pro-Fidonet Fidonews editor who lacks any agenda against any nation of
all Fidonet sysops..

Your boy might be the former but failed at the latter.

MV> Z2 refused to comply with your wishes and so you took what you wanted
MV> by force.

By Naval or Air Force?

RC>> A strawman, had your boy not had his agenda of hate, this would
RC>> not have happened.

MV> Yes, exatcly! Had he been a Z1 puppet dancing to your tune, it would
MV> not have happened.

and if a z1 puppet is a bad thing (assuming such a thing exists), then you must
be a z2 puppet and you must be a bad thing?

RC>> It might not have happened if you werent misguided, you could
RC>> have played the voice of reason?

MV> I have been doing that for a long time. You were deaf and blind.

Michiel, in the search for lumber, you couldnt find any in a forest!

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