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From: Michiel van der Vlist (2:280/5555)
To: All
Date: Fri, 19.08.11 14:50
Error in the your no
Hello Gary,

On Thursday August 18 2011 19:31, you wrote to me:

GP>> And yes, some of this side of the lake are guilty as well -- but
GP>> that's why an effective moderator was needed, as well as a
GP>> cooling off period.

MvV>> In YOUR opinion. And so you have tha NAB Troika confiscate the
MvV>> magazine and the echo to "fix it" by force.

GP> As they explained, they do not want the traffic on their systems. But
GP> P4 stipulates that we all have to carry the echo.

Wrong. P4 says no such thing. In fact by decree of your own ZC, P4 does not
cover echomail at all. What P4 says is that *C's must make FidoNews avalaible.
Fidonews, the magazine, not the echo.

GP> We do not, however, have any policies that state we have to carry the
GP> echo traffic from other zones.

Indeed. If you do not want to carry echomail traffic, then don't.

GP> Most of us were sorry that it came to this,

No, most of you are not. Many of you are glad that you (as in y'all) finally

gettng rid of him was what the Z1 powers that be wanted all along.

GP> but someone had to do something, and Bjorn either would not or could
GP> not do anything.

"Something had to be done and nobody else would do it". Yeah, the old excuse to
set matters to one's hand by force.

MvV>> Sorry Gary, but that is exactly the kind of attitude that has
MvV>> been pissing us off ever since P4 was rammed down our throat. We
MvV>> have enough of Z1 playing dictator over the entire fidonet.

GP> I'm new here, but I fail to see how this affects the entire fidonet.

You fail to see how replacing the FidoNews Editor and anexing the fidonews echo
affect the entire fidonet? Yes, you must be new.

>>> When you can not get what you want, you revert to violence. And
>>> now you have done it again. You could not accept that it is a Z2
>>> fellow in the driver's seat, someone who did not want to dance to
>>> your tune.

GP> I fail to see how allowing insults to be thrown back and forth, as
GP> well as throwing insults, is moderating.

keep repeating that.

What you fail to understand is that the reponse was totally wrong. The right
thing to do when you do not like the style of a moderator is to vote with your
feet and create your own echo.

With a different tag of course.

Oh, wait. That was already done five years ago: the FidoGazette.

GP> very mild tat, such as offering suggestions to each of her excuses,
GP> and if I lose my temper I excuse myself and continue the conversation
GP> at a more appropriate time.

GP> This is called moderating.

Don't lecture me on moderating. I have been the moderator of the Dutch point
echo for well over a decade. An echo that in the haydays of Fidonet carrier
hundreds of messages a day. I have also moderated the Dutch sysop echo. Not an
easy task either.

GP>> I mean, come on dude, this is supposed to be a fun hobby.

MvV>> Right. And Z1 playing dictator for the rest does not fit in.

GP> Then sever your zone. Seriously, if things are really that bad for
GP> everyone in Zone 2, why are y'all exchanging echomail with Z1?

I often wondered why we do not do just that: cut Fidonet in two end let you to
yourselves. That way we don't have to swallow your (as in y'all) insults and
dance to you tune any more.

GP> I haven't seen anything from Z6, must be working out well for them.

You really ARE new are you?

The reason you do not hear from Z6 is that Z6 has stopped to exist a couple of
years ago. Dropped below critical mass.

Cheers, Michiel

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