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From: Roy Witt (1:397/22)
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Date: Mon, 02.02.09 14:59
02 Feb 09 13:43, Ward Dossche wrote to Miles Maxted:

MM>> I listened to a visiting lecturer discussing the mega-eruption
MM>> that created our Lake Taupo - not merely coating the Pacific
MM>> Islands with ash but reddening the skies of ancient Rome 1200yrs
MM>> ago. Even Ossie, 1400m west, got dumped on.

WD> Beware for scientists claiming that ...

WD> In 406AD the Rhine completely froze and an unprecedented number of
WD> Germanic tribes unexpectedly crossed signifying the beginning of the
WD> end of the Roman Empire.

WD> Depending on the school one follows 406AD will be established as the
WD> fall of the Roman Empire or 476Ad when the last puppet-emperor
WD> Romulus Agustus was deposed by Germanic mercenaries who were already
WD> running the show since 406.

WD> I belong to the line of thought accepting 406AD as the fall of the
WD> Roman Empire.

Nothing that you've just mentioned would have any effect on what happened
in the skys over Rome at the time. Rome still existed after the fall of
the Empire.


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