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From: James Bradley (1:342/77)
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Date: Fri, 23.01.09 16:46
on 01-22-09 08:56: Earl Truss to James Bradley re: Test

ET> "James Bradley -> Earl Truss" wrote in message
ET> news:1417$SCIENCE@JamNNTPd...
JB> on 01-15-09 22:09: Earl Truss to Miles Maxted re: Test

ET>> It's been really, really cold lately here in Minnesota - -20F a few

JB> Most of December was -30C here, often with an equivalent wind-chill
JB> of -40C. (-40C and F are pretty close.Wink

ET> We often see temperatures in Winnipeg on our weather reports because a

I was born, 'round there.

ET> lot of our weather comes from that direction since the jet stream
ET> often connects the two this time of year. You are in
ET> Calgary? I'm on the west side of Minneapolis and we get


ET> colder often in the 1980s but winters seem to be somewhat
ET> warmer these days.

Our weather gets huge influences from our Rocky Mountains, and the Pacific
coast. West winds often set up something locally known as Chinooks. On record,
was some 40^C temperature change or thereabouts, in 24hrs.

ET> Isn't -40C and -40F the same? I seem to recall that that
ET> is where the two match up. Let's see ...

I recall hearing that they are *very* close at -40, but the actual intersection
happens at something like 39.8. (I don't have a translator set up here right

ET> F = (Temperature Centigrade x 9/5) + 32

I've also heard that the formula doesn't hold strictly true for more than one
figure. It's close through the "room temperatures", but when we talk about
cooking, and snow removal chores, it *drifts*. [-|

ET> So Miles' 30C is 86F. That's a comfortably warm summer day
ET> in July here in Minnesota - if the humidity is not too high.

I'm flanked by desert. "Humidex" doesn't see much air-time on weather reports

ET>> Sound must travel much clearer or
ET>> retain its volume for longer distances when it's this cold.

JB> Air is more dense, the colder it gets.

ET> .... and the extra density means the sound will carry more
ET> efficiently. I hadn't thought of that. Thanks.

Like sound through water, YMMV.

... James
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