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From: Earl Truss (1:123/789)
To: All
Date: Thu, 15.01.09 23:09
Hi. I'm back again. I've been checking the echo every now and then and been
having problems getting connected but right now seems OK. I see several
messages from various people so at least some are still around.

It's been really, really cold lately here in Minnesota - -20F a few days and
and -23F last night and will be close to -20F again tonight. Skies have been
wonderfully clear and haze-free but of course it's much too cold to get my
telescope out and stand out in the cold night air. And when it warms up enough
to go outside, the clouds come around and it snows.

I notice in the mornings when it's this cold and I'm outside getting ready to
leave for work how loud the cars on the highway sound. Sound must travel much
clearer or retain its volume for longer distances when it's this cold.

"Miles Maxted -> Earl Truss" wrote in message
MM> G'morning Earl,

ET>> Sorry. Meant to respond to you earlier but I had to go out of town
MM> and
ET>> did not get back until yesterday.

MM> Tis the season for it - we've been North to share a New Year's
MM> Highland Games in 35 degree centigrade sunshine with NZ's early
MM> Scottish settler descendents and got back since I wrote..

MM> ET Glad to see that I'm not here all by myself yet.

MM> A very nice start to the New Year, here !

ET>> I've always been interested in how the mind works - how we are aware
MM> of
ET>> ourselves, what makes an animal intelligent and all that. Not
MM> formally
ET>> really but as a curiosity, I guess. My interests are more in the
ET>> "hard" sciences like astronomy, physics and cosmology.

MM> I find the beauty of taking Sciam and New Scientist is simply that
MM> one keeps reasonably up to date on most scientific news - while
MM> diving into particular interests....

MM> How's you year shaping up ?

MM> Miles.

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