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From: Doug Connor (1:132/500)
To: All
Date: Sat, 03.01.09 17:33
Season's Greetings
Miles Maxted -> Doug Connor wrote:
MM> G'morning Doug,

MM>> Err... you've got psychiatry instead of psychology there.

DC>> mm ok but to a run of the mill layman they seem the same.
DC>> but I guess the same needed to be done with astrology and astronomy.

MM> Indeedy do - I just set fire to the local newspaper for printing
MM> an article about "sports psychology" and business - t'was all
MM> quackery and mumbo-jumbo...

DC>> oh boy another way to name a lobotomy Smile

MM> Or to hide the fact that we really don't know what's going on in
MM> there, BUT we do have all these lovely hammers and chisels....
Hehe the description you gave was much better than the one i hurd,
take a hammer to make a hole in the skull then get the ice hook
to remove a bit of brain from the front. Smile

DC>> My own white blood cells seem to be doing a similar thing
DC>> to my nerve cells.
DC>> hey i went to the local emergency room with a pain that came
DC>> from inside my upper leg, I was afraid for a blood clot.
DC>> they took blood and examined it.
DC>> they came back and told me we can't find anything wrong, it
DC>> must be your MS doing bad things.

MM> Please don't hassle the medics - blame it on evolution.
Yea I think in order to visit there again I would have to be turning blue
from a lack of oxygen.

MM> If the human really had been engineered, the mechanics and wiring
MM> would be neat and logical; in fact, many bits are doing different
MM> jobs to their original one - and are working with other bits in
MM> entirely different ways to those zillions of years ago.
hey the blueprint was copyed to many times.
a copy of a copy of a copy Smile

MM> Trying to figure out how an evolved mechanism works or can be
MM> managed today demands both scientific method AND huge amounts of
MM> luck.

MM> Little wonder that ordinary humans take refuge in creation myth...
There just must be someone to blame.

But there does seem to be a kind of master plan at times.

DC>> I do have a favorite neuralogist here in the hospital.
DC>> He doesnt pusy foot around he tells me like it is and what
DC>> i should expect.

MM> That's excellent - there's nothing like best truth to help deal
MM> with evolution's wretched mess-ups.

DC>> hey I have two mri's I can look at if i am bored they
DC>> have gone from my head to my ass.
DC>> there are abt 8 places in my brain (holes) were the myolin
DC>> has been removed and several more in my back.
DC>> Other than this I am incredibaly healthy for 47 years old.

MM> Ain't much wrong with the old brain, either...
Well except it has slowed and let shit pass by.

MM> Smile

MM> Miles

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I think I have yacked with you before!!
It was in a zone 3 echo, Barry took those with him when he left.

You are there in a rain forest Kinda in NZ ?

--- Thunderbird (X11/20081125)
* Origin: (1:132/500)


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