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From: Doug Connor (1:132/500)
To: All
Date: Tue, 30.12.08 22:31
Season's Greetings
Miles Maxted -> Doug Connor wrote:
MM> G'morning Doug,

MM>>> I'm split between physics and psychology myself -
DC>>> oh my do you believe in creation or evolution,!!

MM>> The evidence favours evolution ... and the evolutionary cycle
MM>> explains a hell of a lot of observable phenomena...

MM>> Why do you ask ?

DC>> Alright my knowledge of psychology is very poor I would
DC>> have placed it more towards the creation camp ?

MM> The fate of having the name bandied about willy-nilly in every pop
MM> journal and tv proggy....

MM> In practise, psychology pioneers like Darwin, James, Watson and
MM> the like were major contributors to the concept of scientific
MM> method as it finally settled in form in the hands of the Club of
MM> Vienna in the 1920's....

MM> In terms of experimental design, the major role of clinical
MM> psychologists for the last 70 years has been to provide procedural
MM> and statistical services to medical and multi-disciplinary
MM> research projects.

MM> In statistical maths, the early psychometricians developed a
MM> whole set variate and multivariate techniques that then became
MM> employed by every other science.

MM> The body of hard evidential findings made by psychology over the
MM> last 150 years is now being largely validated by the latterday
MM> replications that are now monitored by brains scans and tracking
MM> tools.

MM> At the same time, the name is transforming from plain 'psychology'
MM> to "neuro-science" and the like - in total revulsion at the
MM> pranks of the quacks and psuedo- or pop-"psychologists"....

ok so it may be the quacks and such that give a bad taste
in the mouth for all of that science.

but haveing a part of my brain removed to alter my attitude
seems a bit harsh.

and gee how about timmothy leary, what a trip.
there have been many drugs made that seem to alter
ones perseption of the world around.
one comes to mind Smile
(Lucy in the sky with diamonds) LSD.

MM> You might like to get hold of "Mind Hacks" by Stafford and Webb to
MM> see how far psychology is from any association with "creation
MM> science" - and/or to log in to their

MM> The journal "American Scientific Mind" and its website are also
MM> quite excellent.

MM> This'll be my last message to this echo in 2008, so all the best
MM> for a Very Happy New Year !

MM> Catch up with you in 2009...

MM> Miles

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