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From: Paul Quinn (3:640/384)
To: All
Date: Fri, 13.07.12 14:11
Nodelist flags - FTS-5001
*** Answering a msg posted in area [FIDONEWS]:

Hi! All,

In a message on 05 Jul 12, Mark Lewis wrote to Roy Witt:

RW>> in respect to USER flags.
ml> thanks Smile

ml>> user flags are user defined... they are freeform and free from
ml>> any official definition...

RW>> So, he can use TCc in a User flag format if he wants to.

ml> well, yes... but are the mailers who pay attention to the Txy flags
ml> actually going to find it behind a U, in the nodelist? that's the
ml> stickler...

I set up a small experiment with Radius that had to wait for a nodelist &
pointlist compile, last week, and then promptly forgot about it till last
night. Oops. Smile I'll start off with a bit of background info...

Radius runs on my Fido node in a VirtualBox, with an outound filebox configured
for my point system. The point system runs 24/7 on this linux host PC, not as
a full point but as what I like to refer to as a 'stargate'; it has only binkD
running to accept files forwarded from other systems, and a 'DHD' of outbound
fileboxes for other system(s).

My Fido node runs a nightly backup where it backs up all of the software &
configs that make up the Fido node that it is (named as M: drive), and, all of
the messagebase (named as S: drive). The backups consist of large .ARJ files,
totalling some 250megs, and are sent to my point's stargate (effectively my
main PC, for later processing).

Since the Radius mailer is so damned fast at trying to whiz filebox contents
off to the point, I had to slow down the operation by constraining the point to
a 'limited hours' basis... for just half an hour (see below) even though it
does run 24/7. Otherwise, the file transfer process just produces enormous
logfiles' worth of Radius's attempts to move the .ARJ files from the moment
that DOS creates a directory entry, for the last part of the initial backup
process, in the filebox. (Some file transfer _attempts_ have previously been
known to go on for the next five hours, till a following system event.Wink

There is an entry for the point in my local pointlist that now shows...


Since last week, the point has technically been unreachable due to the Txy flag
not having the 'U'ser flag prefix. That's the way Radius reads the nodelist.
No "CM" or "U,Tnm": not contactable at all. It's only the *override* in effect
in Radius's config that has allowed nightly backups file transfers to succeed.

Are there any other mailers tested with the newly-promoted "Txy" flag not being
a "User" type?


* Origin: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (3:640/384)


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