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From: Ross Cassell (1:123/456)
To: All
Date: Thu, 18.08.11 20:45
Error in the your no
Hello Michiel!

18 Aug 11 22:27, you wrote to me:

MV>>> What is really sad is that despite all the messes you have
MV>>> gotten yourself in, you still behave like children that have not
MV>>> yet learned to accept that they can not always get what they
MV>>> want.

RC>> Where do the Canadians fit into

MV> A Canadian is one third of the NAB Troika.

But you seemingly:

A. Compare the USA Govt as it has become sincxe ww2, when we saved your asses
from the Nazi's and your own sissiness, to all of us in Z1.
B. Confuse us and our mannerisms with what you misunderstand our govt, society
and people to be.

There are no agents of the US Govt in Fidonet, nor are we acting on behalf of
the Govt, yet you more often than not you speak as if that were all true.

Yes we in the NAB, been in existence for years, are three of a kind, we are
like your Dutch Resistance, we are freedom fighters, we toppled your boy from

RC>> Go eat a bullet Michiel, you wont be missed.

MV> I suppose that is "humor"?

Depends on which way it goes down..

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