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From: Michiel van der Vlist (2:280/5555)
To: All
Date: Thu, 18.08.11 14:26
Error in the your no
Hello Dale,

BF>> Yes it is. Especially something that Alexander, and all
BF>> other readers that handles the character set kludge
BF>> properly can read. It's my way to show respect to the
BF>> people who invented the ?ன??.

DS> And to show distain for those who have normal Fidonet software that
DS> cannot read it -- as you just did above.

You get what you deserve. We are fed up with having tp play the game by your
rules and your rules only. 25 years of Z1 dictatorship is enough. We no longer
play by your rules. We no longer play by your "ASCCI only" rule. If it does not
show well on your screen, bad luck. You are free not to participate in
international echomail.

BF>> you might consider upgrading your 20th century software.

DS> Not going to happen. My reader is by far the best for my purposes
DS> that I have ever seen.

But it obviously is not good enough to participate in interational
conversation. Your bad luck.

DS> It will read anything written in the official language of Fidonet,
DS> which is English.

As I wrote above, we will no longer submit to your dicatorship. I will write in


DS> That is only one meaning / interpretation of the word. In this
DS> context, it could aldo mean above all others -- and I believe that
DS> both meanings are accurate.

Believe what you want. Fact is that you were the one dicating the rules for 25
years. Enough is enough.

Je kan de pot op!

Cheers, Michiel

--- GoldED+/W32-MINGW 1.1.5-b20070503
* Origin: (2:280/5555)


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