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From: Bjrn Felten (2:203/2)
To: All
Date: Thu, 18.08.11 12:54
Error in the your no
BF>> about the Vietnam War half a century ago.
RC> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

This is exactly what we are talking about. When I write something that
everybody, who hasn't lived on an isolated island for the last 50 years, knows
for a fact, I get this in return:

RC> and here is an example, you cant help yourself, it is like a genetic
RC> defect with you?

RC> Tell me, are all Swedes like you?

RC> Shall I get political and contrast you to the Vikings or those of your
RC> countrymen who eagerly got in bed with the Nazi's?

RC> We arent laughing with you, we are laughing at you!

But we have been told that nothing of the above is personal insults, it's
all "humor".

And this goes on and on and on, and all the time it is we who merely state
facts that are to blame, the "humor" guys never are.

Some facts obviously are not allowed to be expressed in the NAB ruled part
of fidonet. How's that for Freedom of Speech...?

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