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From: Bjrn Felten (2:203/2)
To: All
Date: Wed, 17.08.11 15:19
Error in the your no
DS> Is the above supposed to be something that others can read,

Yes it is. Especially something that Alexander, and all other readers that
handles the character set kludge properly can read. It's my way to show respect
to the people who invented the ?ன??.

DS> just your way of inserting some cuss words? All that comes out is a set
DS> of twelve characters from the extended ASCII set.

Fidonet has evolved enormously since the days when your software was
created. Unless you want to spend all your fidonet experience within The Great
Wall of NAB, you might consider upgrading your 20th century software.

DS> As if you were not the primary aggressor for years. Accept some of the
DS> blame for yourself.

Primary means I started it all. No, I sure as hell will not accept any blame
for that. Let me just say that you (and the rest outside of your ?ன??Wink knows
as little of it all as you knew about the truth about the Vietnam War half a
century ago.

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