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From: Vladimir Donskoy (2:5020/2992)
To: All
Date: Tue, 16.08.11 13:35
Re^2: Re^4: Error in the your node
Hello Ward!

Monday August 15 2011, Ward Dossche wrote to Vladimir Donskoy:

VD>> ... If you will IC - then lists from you as IC will are correspondent
VD>> Policy and we may change to its (may be)...

WD> I truly hope you understand how silly your statement is.

WD> Here we have a situation where 3 individuals in North America have
WD> decided to hi-jack an echo and the Fidonews-publication with an
WD> attitude that defies everything and you are somewhat suggesting WHAT ?

Ward, you don't understand me!
I wrote about technical work for processing nodelists when you in the vaction,
not more! But because Janis are not IC, this is contradict Policy. May be you
will make another path for proceeding nodelists in Zone2 at the time of your

Regards, Vladimir Donskoy

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* Origin: DVB Station (2:5020/2992)


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