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From: Vladimir Donskoy (2:5020/2992)
To: All
Date: Wed, 10.08.11 20:26
Re^4: Error in the your node
Hello Janis!

Wednesday August 10 2011, Janis Kracht wrote to Vladimir Donskoy:

>> Main problem is no-generation of nodelist, now we have many corrects
>> in it. Ou primary DNS-zone was delete (expaired) week
>> ago, so all IP-nodes now switch to other DNS-zone . So -
>> many changes to the nodelist.

JK> Ah.. ok. I had noticed that expired as well. I also have
JK> not received a new Zone 2 Segment yet for week 224 from Ward's system.
JK> The new Zone 2 segment usually comes here on Monday, so I can
JK> incorporate it into the next nodelist for Zone 1.. so right now
JK> ZONE2.224 segment is MIA.

JK> Well, if his system does make the segment, and I get it here, I will
JK> let you you know over here in this echo.

Not need - I poll Ward's node every 5 minits Smile , so if it will work I send
and get all automatically.

JK> Have you gotten nodelist.210, and nodelist.217 over there? Those
JK> segments did get here and I did incorporate any changes in them into
JK> the Zone 1 nodelist, FWTW.

Ward make everyday nodelist, so I have last nodelist.215 .
Lists from zone 1 is incompatible with Ward's - another order of zone-segments
and prolog-epilogue. If you will IC - then lists from you as IC will are
correspondent Policy and we may change to its (may be)... But now - no.

Regards, Vladimir Donskoy

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From: Gary Perkins (1:393/31)
To: All
Date: Mon, 15.08.11 22:26
Re: Re^4: Error in the yo
-=> Ward Dossche wrote to Vladimir Donskoy Lotsa talk about freedom of the press and freedom of speech ... but you
WD> know what happens when the Polit-bureau does not want you to
WD> communicate... Good thing the days of the gulag are over.

You have a strange idea of freedom. I exercise my freedom to stop reading
most of Fidonet now.

This is disgusting.

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From: Joe Delahaye (1:249/303)
To: All
Date: Tue, 16.08.11 11:23
Re: Re^4: Error in the yo
Re: Re: Re^4: Error in the yo
By: Gary Perkins to Ward Dossche on Mon Aug 15 2011 20:26:00

> You have a strange idea of freedom. I exercise my freedom to stop reading
> most of Fidonet now.
> This is disgusting.

You have the right to stop reading, but not the right to cut off most of
fidonet, which is what has happened to the Fidonews echo. THAT is what he is
talking about. We are an island unto ourselves.
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