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From: Doug Connor (1:132/500)
To: All
Date: Mon, 29.12.08 23:21
Carlos Carleos -> Doug Connor wrote:
CC> Saluton, Doug!

CC> 29 Dec 08 11:15, vi skribis al mi:

DC>> I was looking at bjorns jamnntpd through my mosilla on my winderz
DC>> system this one is from my ubuntu system on my own jamnntpd server.

CC> Ok, so you check Fidonet thru the News (Usenet), I think.

It is a news server that reads the fido (jam) data base files.
The server is not connected to usenet news groups though.

you can look if you point your t-bird at but posting
takes a user password combo and account.

DC>> I am glad there is life in this echo Smile

CC> Not much life in Fidonet (at least in Spanish- and Esperanto-speaking
CC> echoareas) anyway Sad

yes my esp.* echos went when renado Zambon left fidonet
I hope he learned much while he was in california.

--- Thunderbird (X11/20081125)
* Origin: (1:132/500)


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