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From: Martin Foster (2:310/31.3)
To: All
Date: Fri, 19.04.19 13:25
rot13 ?
Hello August!

On 18.04.19 at 21:53:50, August Abolins wrote to Martin Foster:

AA>>> So, would this be a bug then?

ZS>> Dunno but Rot13 is ummmmmm, errrrrrrm, a bit stoneage and very easily
ZS>> deciphered. I've a good idea what the developer would say if I asked him
ZS>> about this ;-)

AA> So, you are suggesting that it has been disabled on purpose in oxp?

No, not at all, I'm suggesting that the developer probably wouldn't be
interested but I'll ask him about it anyway.

AA> V whfg unccrarq gb abgvpr gung vg vf nyfb vzcyrzragrq va JvaCbvag, naq vg
AA> frrzf gb or jbexvat svar va gurer. Guvf zrffntr jnf perngrq jvgu
AA> Jvacbvag'f EBG13.

Yes it is, yes it is and yes it was SmileWinkWinkWinkWink

AA> ROT13 here is certainly a testament to the days of yore. ;)

Yes, precisely.


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