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From: Henri Derksen (2:280/1208)
To: All
Date: Wed, 27.06.12 17:31
a neat little test o
Hello Alexey,

PQ> Tue 26/06/2012 17:51:48.19
PQ> [C:\]chcp cp850
PQ> Parameter format not correct - cp850
MvdV> Same here.
AV> IIRC, something like `mode con codepage prepare ...`
AV> is necessary to be run before switching.

You are right.
One of my os's tells me the following:

MS-DOS 6.3 Help: CHCP

Displays the number of the active character set (code page).
You can also use the CHCP command to change the active character set
for all devices that support character set switching.

You must install the program before you can use the CHCP command.

Before that, I got errors:

< MS-Dos 6.2 Internal IDE = C:\>chcp 437
Bad function "437"

After issueing NLSFUNC, CHCP works ok.

Greetings from Henri.

* Origin: Connectivity is the Future; UniCorn BBS 31 26 4425506 (2:280/1208)


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