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From: Vladimir Donskoy (2:5020/2992)
To: All
Date: Tue, 09.08.11 13:46
Re^2: Error in the your node
Hello Janis!

Monday August 08 2011, Janis Kracht wrote to Vladimir Donskoy:

>>>> If you read this letter try restore work of your node! Connects to
>>>> it have only timeouts...

>>> We have no IC currently.. better to post this in enet.sysop..
>>> perhaps you have done so..

>> I know about IC, but almost all echoes in Europe linked across Ward's
>> node and disconnect now. I hope Ward can read this echo or anybody
>> can inform him (I sent email).

JK> He will get your email, so it's good that you contacted him that way.

Yes, I wrote it to him on friday...

JK> He did reply to me regarding one topic, at least. From what he told
JK> me though, his internet connectivity is sometimes difficult to use.
JK> I do see him on facebook now and then... perhaps you can contact him
JK> there?

Thank you for information about Facebook, I am "friend" of Ward there and write
chat-message to him too.

But the node till not work Sad ... Wait to 18th ?

Regards, Vladimir Donskoy

--- GoldED+/W32-MSVC 1.1.5-b20110320
* Origin: DVB Station (2:5020/2992)


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