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From: DAVID WILLIAMS (1:250/514)
To: All
Date: Mon, 14.04.08 19:34
-> The need has arisen in our local scouting group to have some kind of
-> transmitting devices to be handed-out to individual troups allowing them to

-> tracked while "in the field" to know where they are.
-> Cell phones are a nono with our scouters but if they could carry some kind o

-> beacon-device it would be a big help. Some time ago for a while they lost th

-> where-abouts of some youngsters and they're finally seeing the point of
-> embracing techn logy a bit.
-> Does anyone have a clue here?
-> Obviously, it must be a system that can operate in Europe ... frequencies,
-> power systems, ... the lot.
-> Take care,
-> \%/@rd

There are GPS devices that some people around here make their kids
carry. If need be, the device can be remotely interogated and returns
its own position. Similar devices can be installed in cars, so they can
be tracked if they are stolen. I guess these things would work anywhere
in the world. They'd just need a European charger.

I am sure they must be available over there...

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