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Date: Mon, 14.04.08 14:55
The last of the thre
13 Apr 08 21:09, DAVID WILLIAMS wrote to Roger Nelson:

DW> -> Exception: Lake Pontchartrain is a mixture of fresh water and sea
DW> -> water.

DW> Do you mean that it's salty water, but not as salty as the water in
DW> the ocean? There are plenty of bodies of water like that. The largest
DW> one I know of (and have swum in) is the Baltic Sea. The amount of
DW> fresh water that it receives, from rivers and from precipitation
DW> directly onto its surface, is greater than the amount of water that
DW> evaporates from it, so the flow through the strait that connects it
DW> to the ocean is generally outward. However, it is tidal, so the flow
DW> is sometimes inward, which brings some salty water into the Baltic,
DW> where it mixes with the fresh water. I imagine something similar
DW> happens with Lake Pontchartrain.

Except for the Baltic being more polluted from the run-off.

DW> The salinity of ocean water is very variable. Evaporation
DW> concentrates the salt in some places, and precipitation dilutes it in
DW> others. Just on the Mediterranean side of the Strait of Gibraltar,
DW> for example, is an area where the water deep down is much saltier
DW> than it is near the surface. The strait has a two-way current, with
DW> very salty water flowing outward along the bottom, and less-salty
DW> ocean water flowing inward near the surface. Evaporation concentrates
DW> the salt in the Mediterranean, producing the salty outflow.

I was under the impression that such flows would be just the opposite.
Warm water rises while cold water sinks to the bottom.


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