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From: Roy Witt (1:397/22)
To: All
Date: Sun, 13.04.08 14:26
The last of the thre
12 Apr 08 18:11, Roger Nelson wrote to Roy Witt:

RW>> WD>> RN>DW> Then the mountains stood back up, and land reappeared.

RW>> WD>> RN> What caused that?

RW>> WD>> Someone found the inflation tube.

RW>> RN> "Someone?"

RW>> That reminds me...what 'was' there before the big bang?

RN> What Big Bang? Just because scientists claim there was one doesn't
RN> mean there was one.

So, what was, WAS null and void! But during the fourth day of creation,
there appeared lights in the skys shining down on Earth, a greater light
for days and a lessor light for the evening. And after that the stars were
set in the sky. Of course, no one was yet around to witness this
happening, so whether it happened with a bang or not, we'll never know.


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