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From: Carlos Carleos (2:341/14.79)
To: All
Date: Fri, 11.04.08 01:28
Chinese dyslexia
Saluton, DAVID!

03 Apr 08 18:26, vi skribis al All:

DW> We all know that people with dyslexia get the letters in words mixed
DW> up. But how is the condition manifested in people who read and write
DW> Chinese? Or are there no Chinese dyslectics?

What coincidence!

Today I read this area since a long time ago. And just today, when giving a
talk on Esperanto I remembered the news

Nei Paesi anglosassoni il numero di bambini dislessici, vale a dire con
difficolta' di lettura e di scrittura e' doppio rispetto all'Italia: 8%
contro 4%.

(They say it would be published in "Science"; I'm not sure whether it was.Wink

So English speaking children have double probability to become dyslectic with
respect to Italian-speaking children (I suppose it is similar with respect to
Spanish-speaking ones).

And I thought then about Chinese dyslectics...

Carlos Enrique Carleos Artime Dep-to Statistiko, Univ-o Oviedo

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* Origin: Asturujo, Hispanujo, Esperantujo en RafaSTD (2:341/14.79)


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