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From: James Bradley (1:342/77)
To: All
Date: Thu, 10.04.08 07:29
The last of the thre
On or about: 04-09-08 15:07, Michiel Van Der Vlist did engage Ward Dossche
regarding, but not limited to: The last of the thre

MVDV> On Wednesday April 09 2008 13:26, you wrote to James Bradley:

JB>> WD> What's a "deciple"?

JB>> A unit to measure "sound" level.

WD> WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Smile

WD> That's a goodone too ...

MVDV> Not really.

MVDV> Although often (wrongly) used for sound, the decibel (tenth
MVDV> of a Bell) is not a measure for sound. The Bell is for
MVDV> comparing things on a logaritmic scale. One Bell
MVDV> corresponds to a ten fold increase. Increase in what you
MVDV> may ask. Increase in whatever you are measuring.

MVDV> Increase the power of a 1 Watt radio transmitter by 10 dB
MVDV> and you have q 10 Watt transmitter. Increase you salary by
MVDV> 3 dB and you earn twice as much.

Hence the quote.

... James

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