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From: Roy Witt (1:387/22)
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Date: Mon, 25.06.12 10:08
a neat little test o
25 Jun 12 17:51, Michiel van der Vlist wrote to Dale Shipp:

DS>> Of course it is not a standard, but the term has been in accepted
DS>> use by the public for perhaps three decades.

MvdV> We are the FTSC, not Wikipedia where thing become correct just
MvdV> because enough people say so.

Ummmm. When enough people say that an FTN-soNso is voted on and approved
by the FTSC, that makes your statement go 'round the block and kick you in
the pants...


... besides, IMNSHO, Ward Dossche should resign as ZC2 and surrender his
... net node-number to the ZCC ! - Cato the Elder -

On Friday September 8th 2006, Mike Godwin's 16 year experiment was
concluded and Godwin's Law was officially repealed by a popular vote
among millions of individuals.

Some of the common reasons cited for the abolition were as follows:

Godwin's premise that valid Nazi analogies are robbed of their impact by
non-literal use is untrue. If I said to you: "This coffee tastes like
gasoline," you'd understand that I'm displeased with the coffee's flavor,
but you would never lose sight of how bad real gasoline would actually be
inside your mouth. Gasoline is a highly toxic and carcinogenic petroleum
product made to burn in combustion engines and no amount of analogizing it
will ever change that. In the same way, German Nazis of the early 20th
century were responsible for the wholesale slaughter of millions of
innocent civilians, it was by far the worst atrocity in human history and
no amount of analogizing will ever make real Nazis more palatable.

Writing is simply a tool for exchanging ideas. Making comparisons, even
vague figurative comparisons between largely unrelated subjects is one
method of expressing an idea. When someone says: "You're an asshole!" or
"I'm happy as a clam" or "You're going to hell in a hand basket," in each
case a non-literal comparison was made. All analogies are just literary
devices for conveying ideas, nothing more; making one particular analogy
taboo gives mere words unnecessary control over the free exchange of

It's been voted down. Everyone is making Nazi analogies all the time.
Jerry Seinfeld made a comedy episode involving a "Soup Nazi" and a
thunderous laugh was had by all. The term "Traffic Nazi" is used almost
every day on public radio in reference to selfish automobile drivers.
Politicians from across the spectrum, foreign leaders, actors, civil
service authorities, and millions of internet users all over the world
effectively vote Godwin's Law down on a daily basis by making non-literal
comparisons to Hitler or the Nazis in some way. This is an undeniable
testament to the general acceptability and usefulness of such comparisons.
The people have spoken and Nazi analogies are happening, get used to it.

Poll Results: Should Godwin's Law Be Reinstated?

Answer Number Percentag Visual
Yes: 6043 9.32892847770042% Yes
No: 58734 90.6710715222996% No
Total Number of Answers: 64777

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