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From: Maurice Kinal (1:261/38.9)
To: All
Date: Sun, 24.06.12 17:34
a neat little test of utf-8
Hey Michiel!

MV> The majority of systems default to CP866 or KOI8-R.

Do you mean in Fidonet? If so that is probably true. The Russian sysops
appear to be the most active so the above makes perfect sense to me.

Outside of Fidonet, these days most of the informative web sites (ie ones that
actually have humanly readable text) appear to have made the switch to utf-8 or
at least have been detecting the capability of the browser and converting
on-the-fly to utf-8. Seems to be working really great from what I've

Speaking for myself, it also works excellent on the 'linux' console as of late.
I still have an issue with the level idea within fts-5003.001 although it does
show forward thinking on the part of the authors where they state, "In future
the level parameter may become obsolete.", although I would have replaced 'may'
with 'will'. Smile

Anyhow as you may see, my CHRS kludge took the forward plunge and dropped the
level part which if I read the document correctly is perfectly acceptable and
compliant behavior.

Life is good,

... Это всё для меня греческий язык.
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* Origin: Pointy Stick Society (1:261/38.9)


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