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From: mark lewis (1:3634/12)
To: All
Date: Sat, 23.06.12 17:15
a neat little test of utf-8
DS> e.g. Bj.rn, jalape.o, saut., ., etc.

MK> Hm. Looks to be jibberish. If indeed you are using cp437 then it
MK> should convert to; "Björn, jalapeño, sauté, ¼, etc." But then
MK> how would any app know for sure?

they showed up fine over here but not after you quoted them... take a page from
other software... if there is no CHRS control line, assume "CHRS CP437 2" and
you will be all the better for it... why? because 95% or more of the software
out here in fidonet is written to and based on CP437... offline mail readers
(and doors) like QWK, QWKE, Bluewave and others do not know anything about the
CHRS standard and are not required to support it... especially since they do
not state that they do support it...


* Origin: (1:3634/12)


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