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From: Ross Cassell (1:123/456)
To: All
Date: Sun, 20.07.08 21:20
Hello Janis!

20 Jul 08 10:46, you wrote to me:

>> Ok, shall I put the echoes listed in BACKBONE.DST into the NA file
>> again?

JK> My preference would be to keep certain echos in the .NA file even when
JK> there is no traffic daily/weekly/monthly - whatever. Election echos,
JK> Administrative echos (like this one) and technical and bbs

I dont think any admin echoes of any meaning went into DST land.

I will later this week return the suggested echoes to the NA file and do
another special hatch out.. I will notate the description lines with [ADM] to
serve as a reminder that they are permanent fixtures..

But I stress that their presence in the newest NO file did not mean they werent
available, which I believe some of you forgot.

I also did something with a Z1_POLICY echo, like we are ever gonna agree on a
policy. Har Pee4 is gonna be 20 what next year?

JK> software/mailer echos that are still in use by the general fido
JK> population (like FD, Binkley, BinkD, Taurus, Radius, Argus, etc). Yes

Except for TAURUS echo, all above /are/ in the NA file. Taurus and Radius
failed as echoes and were redundant anyway, as ARGUS has remained viable and
both Taurus and Radius are written from the ARGUS source code. The ARGUS echo
has consistently been used by Taurus and Radius users alike.

We wont talk about the fact that Ritlabs no longer supports ARGUS and the guy
whom was behind Radius and Taurus stormed out of Fidonet in a hissy fit over
something he disagreed with Ward about.

ARGUS/TAURUS/RADIUS like many other packages will forever be user supported.

JK> that's adds probably more dead weight than you'd like, but as I said,

Adding back in the Admin echoes, the few that went into NO, wont hurt..

JK> some of those areas are very useful areas at times, and some of them
JK> are only active at certain times.

I spared the NFL echo because it is the offseason..

But at the end of this message you cite the last traffic in this echo as being
between May and July of the year 2007! My god thats over a year ago prior to
the knock knock message a handful of days ago and you call that meaningful echo

There are 239 echoes in the DST file that have interesting topics, they lacked
traffic, more to the point traffic in a long time. Heck a recipe sounds
interesting, an interesting recipe is meaningless if you dont prepare the food.

You and I both in the past 1 to 2 years put up new echoes on the backbone that
had interesting topics, QUESTION/ANSWER-BOX and WIFI, both echoes failed.

We need to look at quality over quantity, its not fair to the trickling of new
sysops that are coming into or even coming back into the net to be forced to
use a roster of echoes that by and large would have no traffic and havent had
any traffic forever and a day.

JK> The echos are there when needed, and
JK> it also might prevent someone from creating another echo that
JK> is 'slow' or dead most of the time, but used when necessary. And as I
JK> mentioned, some of them contain very useful information one might not
JK> want to lose.

If the echo is in the NO file, all one has to do is start using it, like we are
this one, it will then return to the NA file at the next audit, like those 21
other echoes did remember???

If the echo is in the DST file, then all they have to do is request it.

I did something different, I kept and hatched out a list of destroyed echoes
for this reason, in the old days, a destroyed echo went into oblivion.

Lets recap:


List of existing or new echoes with traffic.


List of echoes previously in BACKBONE.NA that have no had any traffic since
last audit.


List of echoes that were destroyed that were previously listed in BACKBONE.NO
that have not realized any traffic since last audit.

Echoes rostered in NO are still available and distributable.

Echoes listed in DST file can easily be returned by someone willing to step up
to the plate and ask that the echo be boned again and hopefully one would
assume that person would assume some responsibility for returning some activity
to that echo.

Aside from that, getting a new echo boned isnt too big a deal and beats the
alternative of distributing 239 dead echoes.

If I did things ala Souvestre style, you know the echo carnage would have been
greater, just be glad I didnt compare to the echolist..

Albeit is just so happens that the majority of the 239 echoes in DST werent

JK> Now those echos above may still be on the NA file, I
JK> haven't checked, but if they are not, then I think they should be
JK> returned to it. JMHO.

The echoes you mentioned, except for TAURUS are in the NA file and I already
showed you that TAURUS doesnt need reintroduction, as ARGUS echo can do it.

>> Until someone put a knock knock message in here, this very echo saw
>> no traffic since Ward was the IC.

JK> 20th May, 2007 and 26th July, 2007 were the last two messages received
JK> here in this echo, then July 8th 2008 by Dale.

See above...

This sentence didnt help your argument on the time basis, but this and a few
other admin echoes will return to NA within this week anyway..

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