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From: Benny Pedersen (2:230/0)
To: All
Date: Tue, 02.11.21 02:17
win11, 3x(hate it)
Hello August!

31 Oct 2021 20:04, August Abolins wrote to Nick Andre:

AA> MS is betting that people will eventually get used to it.
AA> There is also a whole new generation of users that will have
AA> nothing to compare it to and will simply accept it.

imho my first real computer was a z80 comet running autocad <TM>

huge ram as astonning 64K, later Bill sav a commodore 128d with
reu1750 512k ram expander, where he says 640k is enough to
anyone, at time where floppy disks to commodore 128d was just
340k, and could read msdos floppy formated disks with a cpm
wedge that allowed to issue a pip m:=a:*.*

yes i still have that computer

commodore 128d have hardware mmu, so it could indeed be expanded
to 1024k ram, fully supported in cpm mode, dont know if the basic
rom without virus can handle that, i just blame commodore did
not pay for opensouurce of that virus

on facebook, oh its #meta now btw, there is simple many examples
on z80 mbc, even m68k mbc, all running cpm Smile

Regards Benny

... too late to die young Smile

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