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From: Benny Pedersen (2:230/0)
To: All
Date: Tue, 02.11.21 02:10
"The maximum file size for session "ReadyBoot"
Hello August!

27 Sep 2021 07:37, August Abolins wrote to All:

AA> Has anyone encountered this:

AA> "The maximum file size for session "ReadyBoot" has been reached. As a
AA> result, events might be lost (not logged) to file
AA> "C:\Windows\Prefetch\ReadyBoot\ReadyBoot.etl". The maximum files size
AA> is currently set to 20971520 bytes."

AA> This seems to trigger a blue-screen reboot.

hipernate in my current asus pn50 does also make a unclean shutdown, sadly in

the above is if i remember exacly 2GB barrier well know from windows xp Smile

are this partion on fat12 or fat16 ?, then reformat it to a better filesystem
like ntfs

or is this problem still on windows 11 ? :=)

Regards Benny

... too late to die young Smile

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