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From: Mike Powell (1:2320/105)
To: All
Date: Sun, 31.10.21 11:05
WinSCP - importing certs
Has anyone had any luck getting WinSCP to import a purchased certificate, or
public-private key pair from said certificate?

We had to purchase one of these certificates for something at work. What
we use it for is mostly done via browser, interfacing with another
organization which required it. However, I am confident that there may be
times where using SFTP may be preferable, if not required, in order to
transfer some of the data.

Since the certificate is expensive, I would prefer to use the
public-private key pair from it rather than generating a separate pair for
WinSCP to use. It appears that WinSCP is set up to import key pairs, but
only from a very narrow group of other packages... Putty and two others. I
don't see an option that will allow me to import the key pair from the

Has anyone ever tried this before, with success?


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