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From: Doug Connor (1:132/500)
To: All
Date: Wed, 16.05.07 10:31
To take a decision

BF>> Then there is of course the never-ending story about the third
BF> letter
BF>> in my first name. Something that David so far seems to be the only
BF>> person being able to solve. Smile

BF> OOPS! Wrong again! Sorry, I was looking at all the strange versions
BF> of my name that Ross' and Matt's systems created. Here it looks OK. Good
BF> show!

That particular error is elusive.Sad
If you note the first line in this quote it has two different chr's
in that spot. Sad
The first I see as a cryllic f and the second as a cryllic j .
There are other invocations of that mystery chr I see from time to time.

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Autobiography Of Supertramp\Ain't Nobody But Me(9).mp3 Playing at 192 Kbps 44

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