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From: Earl Truss (1:123/789)
To: All
Date: Sun, 30.03.08 13:57
The last of the thre
"Michiel van der Vlist -> Miles Maxted" wrote in message
MvdV> Hello Miles,

MvdV> On Thursday March 20 2008 15:00, you wrote to me:

MvV>>> Asimov
MvV>>> Heinlein
MvV>>> Clarke
MvV>>> .....

MM>> Wasn't it Asimov's story about the "Names of God" that ended up
MM>> with the returning computer guru observing the stars overhead
MM>> going out, one by one ?

MvdV> All three have written so much, that I lost track of who wrote what. But
MvdV> what you describe sounds like Asimov. Yes, I think it was Asimov.

Clarke, I think - The Nine Billion Names of God. Monks have been calculating
all the possible names of God for millenia believing that the universe will end
when they are done. They hire a computer consultant who gets it done for them
in days/months.

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