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From: Maurice Kinal (1:261/38.9)
To: All
Date: Thu, 31.05.12 07:03
just checking
Hey Dale!

DS> MK> A Møøse once bit my sister ...
DS> ^^^^
DS> The above is four graphic characters, C3h, B8h, C3h, and B8h.

According to an editor that can only decode eight bit characters then only the
slashed 'o' characters should show up as the C3h, B8h combination. The 'M',
's' and 'e' should be 4Dh, 73H and 65H which are the regular ascii codes for
those letters. C3H, B8H is actually U+00F8 (one character) and given that
there are two of them that explains the C3h, B8h, C3h, and B8h you see in an 8
bit editor.

DS> No idea what you intended them to look like

You nailed it perfectly, despite not being able to decode them properly. If
you look at my CHRS kludge you'll see that the encoding is UTF-8 and you quotes
of the actual multibyte characters in the original properly decode here believe
it or not. Usually people quoting them back get them wrong. What are you
using for an editor? Looks to be honouring codes properly.

DS> tag line is a conglomeration of mixed up graphical characters

It is Russian text that when translated should say, "It is all greek to me".
Check out;

which will require an UTF-8 capable browser to render properly. Also;

which now displays properly once I dropped the level from the CHRS kludge.
That is what I was testing with that particular message and it succeeded where
"CHRS: UTF-8 4" failed. An example of following fts-5003.001 to the letter
(with level) can be found here;

Notice the tagline is wrong. However it's twin on;

is correct no matter if the level is set or not. This is what prompted the
'just checking' message "MSGID: 1:261/38.9 fa00006b" that you are replying to.

From my perspective it is BANG ON even when it appears to the reader - you in
this case - to be totally screwy which it isn't.

BTW what is your editor's codepage? Looks to be an honourable editor from what
I see here.

Life is good,

... Это всё для меня греческий язык.
--- GNU bash, version 4.2.28(2)-release (x86_64-core2-linux-gnu)
* Origin: Pointy Stick Society (1:261/38.9)


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