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From: Ulrich Schroeter (2:244/1120)
To: All
Date: Mon, 01.10.12 20:49
Service anouncement #2
Hi Ward,

for analyse purposes, I can read the message here and below are the Seenby and
Path infos .....

WD> @MSGID: 2:292/854 b5063532
WD> @REPLY: 2:203/2 506972f6
WD> @PID: D'Bridge 3.59

BF>TK>> I didn't see this message here, only in netmail.
BF>> Same here. Not here, not in ENET.SYSOP -- only in netmail.
WD> Can you ack you see this message?
WD> \%/@rd
WD> -$- D'Bridge 3.59
WD> $ Origin: Many Glacier / Protect - Preserve - Conserve (2:292/854)
WD> SEEN$BY: 2/33 203/0 221/1 230/0 240/2100 5138 5832 5834 244/1120 250/1
WD> SEEN$BY: 280/5555 292/854 301/520 313/41 382/100 421/790 463/68
WD> 480/127
WD> SEEN$BY: 490/40 2432/0 5020/715 2992
WD> @PATH: 292/854 240/5832

regards, uli ;-)

* Origin: AMBROSIA - Frankfurt/Main - Germany (2:244/1120)


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