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From: Jeff Smith (1:14/0)
To: All
Date: Thu, 04.01.07 13:36
FidoNews Editor MIA?
Hello Robert.

04 Jan 07 13:13, you wrote to Matt Bedynek:

RC> Hello Matt.

RC> 13 Dec 06 23:19, you wrote to Roy Witt:

MB|>> How many nodes in Z1 that are listed POTS, and still answer, do
MB|>> you see? The majority of Fidonet (at least in Z1) is now IP. IP
MB|>> is too convenient that nobody finds any use to retain POTS. For
MB|>> the two some odd years my POTS line was working full time the
MB|>> only calls it recieved were from those NCs in R19 that are both
MB|>> POTS and IP capable such that their POTS mailer would
MB|>> occasionally see a bundle before the IP mailer and would deliver
MB|>> it that way. Otherwise,... nothing. So, sadly enough, as time
MB|>> went on, it got watched less and less... and until I am done with
MB|>> my remodeling project, will remain zeroed out.

RC> In the year I was R12C, I received two calls the first week. Those
RC> were test calls. After that, not a single call on the POTS line.

I still have POTS availability as R14C. In fact I still have POTS
downlinks. I will agree that the usefullness of having a POTS line has
drastically diminished. I keep the POTS line because there are still
some systems that still use POTS to get mail.

Do I need a POTS line as an RC? Probably not.

But I think it is still important to provide support to those
that still use POTS.

RC> Robert

RC> --- GoldED+/LNX 1.1.5
RC> * Origin: RuneKeep * Linux Hub 2000 (1:229/2000)


--- FMail/Win32 1.60
* Origin: Twin_Cities_Metronet - MN USA (1:14/0)


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