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From: Robert Couture (1:229/2000)
To: All
Date: Sat, 30.12.06 19:45
FidoNews Editor MIA?
REPLY: 1:14/0 4573b5c9
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Hello Jeff.

03 Dec 06 23:30, you wrote to Carol Shenkenberger:

JS|> I too have lost interest in reading the Fidonews. I remember
JS|> reading it each week and displaying it on my BBS (Before the internet)
JS|> for my users to read. Some now even want to limit who and where the
JS|> Fidonews can be seen. Something that seems just the opposite of what
JS|> we should want. IMHO we should want to spread the word about Fidonet
JS|> and use the Fidonews as a tool to do that. Not restrict the Fidonews.
JS|> To that end I have decided to once again display the Fidonews and make
JS|> it available to everyone.

There is *still* talk of this? Unbeleivable! I am away from *months* and
nothing has improved. Sad. Really sad.

CS>> The Fidonews can be good or bad, depending on where we all take
CS>> it. I'd like to think, I have never abused it and have made some
CS>> 20 or more articles that were not just the cooking series. Not
CS>> prolific, but I'm there in spots.

JS|> I would have to agree. For some time the Fidonews has been
JS|> basically stagnent. We as members of Fidonet need to make the Fidonews
JS|> once again a usefull part of Fidonet instead of something to be
JS|> ignored. I have voiced my concerns about the Fidonews and offered my
JS|> suggestions. But it seems that I am from the wrong zone. But
JS|> that will not stop me from doing what I can to make the Fidonews
JS|> better again. I don't claim to have some great solution that will turn
JS|> things around. But I am willing to work with those that are serious in
JS|> their goal to make things better and not hung up on what country or
JS|> zone I come from. I mention it again as it is frustrating to try to
JS|> talk to people that look at where you come from BEFORE they will
JS|> listen to what you have to say.

It would be nice, Jeff. However Zonal animosity seems to make it difficult to
create a Snooze without the baggage.


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