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From: Bob Ackley (1:2905/3)
To: All
Date: Sat, 30.12.06 07:56
FidoNews Editor MIA?
Replying to a message of Ward Dossche to Bob Ackley:

WD>>> Please buy my upcoming book over non-military aircraft being
>> shot-down
WD>>> in times of peace... by accident or on purpose.

>> Did you include KAL 103?

WD> Among the hull-losses of Korean Airlines there is no flight 103
WD> listed.

WD> Amazing fact though is that since 1980 they have had 11 major crashes
WD> and 749 fatalities. That is the highest I think of any commercial
WD> operator.

WD> May I suppose you are confused with Panam 103?

No. I was thinking of the KAL Boeing 747 the Soviets shot down. I might've
had the flight number wrong.

--- FleetStreet 1.19+
* Origin: Bob's Boneyard, Emerson, Iowa (1:2905/3)


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