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From: mark lewis (1:3634/12)
To: All
Date: Fri, 21.03.08 00:22
here's one for ya...
-> FWIW: we've discussed your theory as well as the other one in which the
-> station's belly always points to the earth...

DW> Another thing... Think of the solar panels on the space station.
DW> For good efficiency, they always have to aim at the sun. But if
DW> the station were rotating, the panels would have to be on fancy
DW> pivots so as to turn to keep facing the sun. They aren't, so they
DW> don't, so it isn't.

uh... actually they are on "fancy" pivots... they rotate 360 around the axis of
the station and they can also rotate at least 180 degrees on their own axis...
yeah... they are like great big paddle wheels with variable pitch...

DW> Maybe it rotates once per year, to keep the panels aligned, but
DW> that's very different from once every 90 minutes!

try all the time ;)


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