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From: James Bradley (1:134/77)
To: All
Date: Tue, 08.01.08 00:34
Cats eyes
On or about: 01-06-08 20:55, Bjorn Forsstrom did engage James Bradley
regarding, but not limited to: Cats eyes

BF>> I know that a cat can adjust the incoming light in the eyes by open or
BF>> close the pupil.
BF>> The other day a used a flashlight right in the eyes of one of the cats
BF>> and normally I think that that would have blinded him but reacted at my
BF>> movement just beside the lamp.
BF>> Why wasn't he blinded?

JB> Try the same on yourself.

BF> I did and I didn't see anything, and still doesn't (almost).

Was the movement at the same *instant* that you turned on the flashlight,
directly in his eye? I think the instinct is to 1) blink, 2) dilate, 3) squint.
If you miss the blink, I think their retina is otherwise ready to go. How
bright is your flashlight?

JB> The response should be pretty fast. Besides, you
JB> had one flashlight, and the cat has two eyes.

BF> My eyes are futher apart than the cats.....

...Saying? Is your flashlight double headed?

... James

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