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From: Bjrn Forsstrm (2:203/614.61)
To: All
Date: Wed, 14.11.07 17:06
Egyptian power
WD> To have power during the night, you need a technology to store the warmth
WD> for electricity production during the night using that warmth ... we're
WD> talking massive storage of warmth ...

A 500 l water accumulator tank is enough. I know, I have one.

WD> "That" is what makes it unaffordable and super-expensive ... as I said,
WD> take away the subsidies and other economic incentives then this technology
WD> is 5X as expensive as nuclear power ... and that includes the storing of
WD> spent material for time-frames as you indicate.

To have the above you don't need to rob Bank of England.

WD> If it were really that cheap, the technology would already be used all
WD> over the globe, these are the simple laws of economics.

Nope. So far the efficience of solar panels haven't been the best but now they
are even taking over from mountain heating, at least in this country because
it's cheaper.

WD> Don't take me as an ignorant on this, I don't go by slogans. Some while
WD> ago I was involved in a mega-project in Spain as you describe ... the
WD> results are: too expensive during the night and as a result overal too
WD> expensive.

In Greece every house have solar panels on the roof + a accumulator tank.

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