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From: Gert Andersen (2:230/150)
To: All
Date: Tue, 24.08.21 11:51
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V V I R R u u S
V V I Rrrr u u SSSSSS
V V I R R u u S
V iiiii R R uuuu SSSSSSNet
VirNet Application to Join The AntiVirus Network.
Interesting in Joining? Simlpy fill out the form below.
Join or ReJoin VirNet.
VirNet is a only FTN network connection, and have file echos for
programs and software updates + DAT-Files for AntiVirus the most kinds
of AntiVirus there is, there is support messages echos AntiVirus helping.
*NOTE: If any of the below is not applicable to your system , please put "N/A".

Your Real First and Last Name :
Home street address :
City :
ZIP code :
State :
Country :
Voice phone number :
Personal email address :
Personal website :


NOTE: If any of the following does not apply to your system, then put N/A
in the field so I know what you didn' forget to fill out a field.

BBS Name :
BBS Software :
Operative System :
Data Phone# :
Telnet Address :
Binkp Address :
Website URL :
Mail Tosser :

+ Modem(s) :
+ Nodelist Flags (V32, etc.):
+ Number of users :
+ How long you've run a BBS :
+ Hours of Daily Operation :

What program do you use to handle mail packets with over the internet (i.e.
Internet Rex, Binkd, TransX, etc.Wink ? :

What Front-end mailer do you use : :

If you is member of other mail networks, please list the network name and
your node numbers below.

Please provide a Areafix and Filefix password + session password below:


[ ] FTN : [ ] BinkP
Session Password :
Areafix Password :
Filefix Password :

[ ] FTP (you will be contacted directly by your hub for more info.Wink

[ ] Email
( Wink MIME/Base64
( Wink TransX
TransX Password :

Email Address to use :


Send this application by netmail to Gert Andersen Aka 9:9/1 Virnet or Fidonet
or email it to Gert Andersen email -
You will then hear back with a node number in about 48 hours.
--- Done by Gentoo Linux kernel-4.9.93
* Origin: The KofoBBS (2:230/150)


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