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From: Gert Andersen (2:230/150)
To: All
Date: Tue, 24.08.21 11:51
Join 1 JustaXnet
Here's a pretty little JustaXnet Application. You want in, then please
fill it out.

Your Real Name :
SysOp :
Handle :
BBS Name :
Total Nodes :
BBS Phone # :
Voice phone # :
Street :
City & Provience:
State & Country:
Your email address:
Modem Flags: [ ]V32 [ ]V34 [ ]V42 [ ]v32b [ ]v42b
[ ]HST [ ]H16 [ ]ZYX [ ]VFC [ ]MNP
[ ]IBN [ ]INA [ ]IFC [ ]VFC [ ]IFT
Your IP InterNet Adress in digits ( : ___________________
This is if it not changing from time to time.

If there is no HUB in your area are you willing to be it:
[ ]Yes [ ]No
BBS Hours:
Mailer Hours:
BBS Software:
Binkp :
Node #'s for other nets:

This here is optional and must be used for link setup. !!
Fill them out and do the best and fasted uplink.

Session Pwd (mandatory) : ____________ (Must be)
Areafix Pwd (optional) : ____________ (Must be)
Filefix Pwd (optional) : ____________ (Must be)
Tic password (optional) : ____________ (Must be)
Secure Mailer Session password : ____________ (Must be)

Internet Feed (Optional)

[ ] Email (UUencoded) ; ________________________________________

[ ] TransX TransX email address: _______________________________
Packet length: ____________________
The "Session" password will be used for this account.

[ ] FTP Attach this app to an e-mail message to
and we'll exchange the necessary information to get this
feed going! If you would like to help out and be the FTP
hub... be sure to let me know cause even though I do have
a small ftp site.. I do need another dedicated site!

[ ] IRex We now have an IRex connection available as well!

[ ] base 64 encoded e-mail

As node in JustaXnet node we have to be sure that you will be a good
node there either write a netmail or email to RC and ZC + uplink if
you got system trouble in longer time and if you deside to stopping in
be node.

[ ] I have read the policy for JustaXnet in the file JUSTTALK.TXT and
agread in it.

[ ] I will let RC, ZC and my uplink know if I be down for longer
time or like to stop in JustaXnet and will try to poll to get
all my mail on my uplink.

[ ] I will too apply for a node number in zone 539 so I getting a number
in both zones for Justaxnet so I have a number in both zone 510 and
zone 539 as node.

If you live in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon
Washington, or Montana please send it file attach to Gert Koefoed Andersen
2:230/150 or email file attach to (ic).

All others send back to Gert K. Andersen via e-mail file attach to or or
and you'll be all set!

Or find the information packet and containing a custom app program and
download it direct from the JustaXnet site at.................. co. or or

If you like to join and practical the League 510 then fill out the
jngame application file for this and read the League informations.

JustaXnet have started a new Little League named TriLeague (3-League)
ID# 539 together with AdvNet and Zenet with Bre, Fe and Tal IBBS Game.
If you like to hear more about this and Join this together with L510
then fill out the file and send it to IC and LC.

Send and wait for joining us, and we will give respons in a delay of
12 to 24 hours.
--- Done by Gentoo Linux kernel-4.9.93
* Origin: The JustXnet by Linux at (2:230/150)


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