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From: Gert Andersen (2:230/150)
To: All
Date: Tue, 24.08.21 11:49
Join Linuxnet
LinuxNet node application form

Getting into Linux-Net is relatively easy. Fill in the list below and rename
it to [YOURNAME].SUB. Locate your nearest host from the nodelist included in
this pakkage and send your [YOURNAME].SUB to his/her system. Alternatavely,
if there is no local or national host in your country, contact Gert Koefoed
Andersen's system at +45-36482722 (110:110/ or
+ dns or or or
or to with e-mail.
The best thing to do is to send this to Your coming ZC, then it will go to you
nearest host and RC, and it will then give you a answer back about join the
Find our Link for nodelist lookup on
New link is being and then
Site test for linuxnet is

Sysop name (only real names allowed): ______________________________________

System name (leave empty if no BBS): _______________________________________

Name for system if not in the upper line, this if your is a Fidonet Point

For given in the nodelist (Ex. My_Privat_System): ___________________________

Mailer type you can use: ___________________________________________________

Feed you can do: Modem analog [ ] ISDN [ ] TransX [ ] BinkP [ ] FTP [ ]
E-mail [ ]

Voice phone number: +____-__________________________________________________

Data phone number: +____-_________________________________________________

Post Mailing address: (Street + No.)________________________________________



Town: _______________________________________________________________________

Country: ___________________________________________________________________

E-Mail Address: ____________________________________________________________

Your InterNet IP Address Number in Digits: ___________________________

Is Your IP Address number Dynamic [ ] or Static [ ] (Means that it not is

Applying as: ( Wink Point. ( Wink Node. ( Wink Regional Hub under a Host.
( Wink Regional Host. ( Wink National Host.

Area you applying for/as : [ ] Host? [ ] Hub? [ ] Node? (check only one)

Prefered linked to : Nearest Hub[ ] Host[ ] RC[ ] or to ZC[ ] (110:110/2)

FIDONet Zone 1/2/3 Node number(s) :

FidoNet Node/Point number (x:xxx/xxxx.xx) :

Software :


(*Note: A Data Phone # *OR* Telnet Domain is required for a BBS)

Nodelist flags or modem type: ______________________________________

Your prefered password to use:______________________________________

Linux expereances:

--- Done by Gentoo Linux kernel-4.9.93
* Origin: The KofoBBS by Linux at (2:230/150)


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