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From: Kai Richter (2:240/77)
To: All
Date: Fri, 30.07.21 21:59
MX Linux
Hello Kurt!

30 Jul 21, Kurt Weiske wrote to Richard Falken:

KW> That brings up an interesting thought - how much eye candy and UI
KW> bloat is needed in a workplace?

If you take a look on firefox's menu themes then there was/is a high demand for
a customized individual design. If you can't work good then make it look good
at least.

KW> I need to be able to run a menu and run multiple programs, any WM
KW> would do that capably. Why not standardize on a simple WM?

You can see the result on any smartphone GUI. "simple" doesn't stop at the
workplace, there is a trend of function reduction in the casual world.

Could anyone check firefox for me? There was a button in the config to disable
image downloads and view webpages in text only. I don't find it anymore...



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