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From: Bjrn Wiberg (2:201/137)
To: All
Date: Fri, 30.07.21 19:50
Length of Node Status message for menus
Hello g00r00!

Thank you for your reply!

On 30 Jul 2021, g00r00 said the following...
g0> BW> Would it be possible to allow 40 characters also in the menu settings

g0> Will do! Good catch! This will be in the new build I am putting up
g0> today since it (should be) a very quick fix.

Thanks a lot!

Speaking of node status -- for some reason, the Node Status setting of the
personalscan menu does not appear to appear in the Action column of the
Who's Online listing (when checking from another node) -- it still displays
that the user is in the message menu (which the user is *before* choosing
(G)lobal Personal Scan, and *after* the scan, when the personalscan menu has
returned the user to the message menu).

Node Type Username Action
1 SSH Zip Browsing Messages Menu

The menu setting for the personalscan menu looks like this (but the text
doesn't seem to matter):

Node Status: Scanning for Unread Pers Msgs

I tried adding 2 seconds of DE delays to the end of the string displayed by the
GT command (which displays "Scanning globally for unread personal
messages..."), but to no avail.

It seems to work for all other menus, but not that one.

Does it work for you? =)

Adding a NA (Node action) command to the menu works fine, though.

The only thing I can think if is that "personalscan" is a long menu name
compared to the others...

Best regards

--- Mystic BBS v1.12 A47 2021/07/30 (Linux/64)
* Origin: Star Collision BBS, Uppsala, Sweden (2:201/137)


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