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From: Bjrn Wiberg (2:201/137)
To: All
Date: Fri, 30.07.21 19:32
MC misses listing unread e-mails in its list?
Hello g00r00!

Thank you for your reply!

On 30 Jul 2021, g00r00 said the following...
g0> The e-mail base is not a message base, so throw out the idea of "new
g0> messages" and "last read pointers" in this case. MC lists all of the
g0> e-mails in your mailbox, and optionally hides the ones which you've read
g0> before if you use the /unread option.

I suspected that this might be the case, yes! You'll have to forgive me. Very Happy

Just to double-check, by "e-mail", you mean a message (OK, e-mail then) in a
Base Type: Local with Private: Yes? Or are there some other things that signify
an e-mail?

(How do local "conferences", i.e. Private: No, contrast with message bases of
Base Type: Networked and Private: Yes? when it comes to "New" status/last read
pointers and Read/Unread status?Wink

Anyway... Very Happy

g0> able to use G to exit in that case. If a base is mandatory read you
g0> should never be able to exit unless you've seen the last message. Nice
g0> catch!

You're welcome!

g0> The prompt you are showing is not the default so I don't know what
g0> prompt code you are using (that prompt has two prompt codes that give
g0> different values). It does look like a bug in that its either not

The MC prompt is #127; I've shortened it to using only &2 (= number of unread
e-mails) as I felt that that was the only thing of interest to the user when
wanting to check for unread e-mails.

g0> It does look like a bug in that its either not
g0> displaying the first message when it should or its displaying the "list"
g0> prompts when it should be showing nothing at all.

Yep -- I would say the first, as it didn't display (list an entry for) one
unread e-mail.

g0> If you can give steps on how to reproduce a problem with MC without all
g0> of the stuff with the reader/lastread/new messages/etc I think that
g0> would be less confusing and more helpful for me. In the meantime I will

Yep! Very Happy

Simply post two e-mail messages to yourself in a Base Type: Local, Private:
Yes area. Read the second one, but not the first one. And call MC /UNREAD;
for me it displays a correct prompt #127, but no entries in the list (prompt


###### From Subject Date
?????? ????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ????????

Keeping my fingers crossed that it isn't something strange with my area
configuration. It looks like this:

? Name ? Private Messages (PMs)
? Base Type ? Local Quote Color ? Sample
? Newsgroup ? LOC_PRIVMSGS Text Color ? Sample
? QWK Name ? LOC_PRIVMSGS Tear Color ? Sample
? Echo Tag ? Origin Color ? Sample
? File Name ? LOC_PRIVMSGS Kludge Color ? Sample
? Path ? /mnt/bbs/mystic/msgs/local/ Max Msgs ? 0
? List ACS ? g1 Max Msg Age ? 0
? Read ACS ? New Scan ? Forced
? Post ACS ? !fa QWK Scan ? Forced
? Sysop ACS ? s255 Header ? msghead
? List EACS ? % R Template ? ansimrd
? ? L Template ? ansimlst
? Net Address ? 0:0/0 (Local Address) Real Names ? No
? Export To ? 0 node(s) Autosigs ? Yes
? Origin ? Private ? Yes
? QWK Network ? None Pvt Reply ? No
? QWK Base ID ? 0 Allow ANSI ? Yes

g0> I am putting up a new build now with the 'G' mandatory fix in there so
g0> it might be helpful to make sure we're both using that version when we
g0> try to narrow this issue down. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! Installed the new one now, so we're on the same "base".
The MC /NOREAD issue is still present there.

Best regards

--- Mystic BBS v1.12 A47 2021/07/30 (Linux/64)
* Origin: Star Collision BBS, Uppsala, Sweden (2:201/137)


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