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From: August Abolins (2:221/1.58)
To: All
Date: Fri, 30.07.21 10:34
luckymobile +2GB extra deal
Hello Shawn Highfield!

** On Friday 30.07.21 - 08:06, Shawn Highfield wrote to August Abolins:

SH> Isn't that for the older BB's? I was under the impression
SH> the OS 10 models didn't use the BB services the way the
SH> old ones did? ie: They don't go through the BB server for
SH> phone email's I know that for a fact.

I would have thought so too. I don't think I rely on any BB-
specific network services either. I thought that I get my SIM,
register the device with the ISP/phone service, and I am good
to go. What does that process have anything to do with the BB

But if you go to the /blackberry link that I saw mentioned in
that message,, it appears that they are
proclaiming that a variety of BB "Devices that will no longer

Perhaps this is just an obfuscated way of saying that only the
BB network of services will cease, but not the phone using the
Lucky network?

But it seems to me that Lucky can simply disable my account
since they know that the IMEI pertains to a BB device if they
want to. That is a bit diconcerting.

--- OpenXP 5.0.50
* Origin: Mobile? COFFEE_KLATSCH = (2:221/1.58)


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