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From: Richard Miles (1:3634/24)
To: All
Date: Tue, 27.07.21 22:54
Mystic Email
On 26 Jul 2021, g00r00 said the following...

g0> I have no problems having a login with a space in the user name with my
g0> Gmail on Android. Maybe if you try an automated setup it defaults to
g0> logging in with your e-mail address? I have seen clients do that.

Hadn't thought about setting it up through my phone. I had been trying from
desktop gmail adding a pop3 address in to have it pull for me.

Doing it from my phone works well, thanks.

Do have an issue, not sure what is causing it. If I respond to an email I am
getting an smtp error. From my mis log:

+ 2021.07.27 20:45:30 SMTP > Connect on slot 1/4 (
+ 2021.07.27 20:45:30 SMTP 1-HostName Unknown
+ 2021.07.27 20:45:30 SMTP 1-Country Unknown (Wink
+ 2021.07.27 20:45:30 SMTP 1-Error 0: SMTP server exception


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