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From: Bjrn Wiberg (2:201/137)
To: All
Date: Wed, 28.07.21 01:03
Message new scan with and without /G?
Hello g00r00!

Thank you for your reply and for the clarifications!

On 27 Jul 2021, g00r00 said the following...
g0> unread messages. The personalscan sounds exactly what you want! Give
g0> that a look and let me know if there is something you want to change and
g0> I can walk you through it.

Thanks, yes, that's the one I copied to my theme and modified slightly.

I added /NOSCAN and /NEW to MQ -- to skip displaying area names during the
actual scanning, and to skip areas with nothing new in them. That appears to
work just fine.

I also added /NOLR to MN, as I do not want to update last read pointers (I want
to be able catch up on echomails afterwards, which would be ruined otherwise).

All this works fine, *except* that if MQ finds something (again, the MQ output
is perfectly fine!Wink, so that one gets the choice of running the MN, the MN
*might* find slightly *more* messages (namely new messages from me to others,
not only from me to me or from others to me). So that's the only "oddity"
with all this.

If there were an MN option to exclude messages that are *not* to me, i.e. to
narrow /P to messages that *are* to me, the global personal scan would
function just as I would expect it to. So it's very close. =)

g0> and you are trying to change e-mail access? You'd almost never want to
g0> change the e-mail access or settings (outside of visual stuff). The
g0> e-mail system is not a message base.

That explains a few things. =)

What would the recommended ACS fields be for a local private area (local "PMs"
between users), and a local non-private area (local "conference"),

Right now I have adjusted to (for a local "private" area):

...and (for a local "conference"):

(The fa and fb flags are to be able to disable posting by "troublesome"
users, if needed.Wink

Thanks in advance!

Best regards

--- Mystic BBS v1.12 A47 2021/07/23 (Linux/64)
* Origin: Star Collision BBS, Uppsala, Sweden (2:201/137)


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