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From: Bjrn Wiberg (2:201/137)
To: All
Date: Tue, 27.07.21 21:29
Message new scan with and without /G?
Hello again, g00r00!

I have now added the group requirement to all my message areas, including the
local ones. For my Private Messages local area, I have:

? Name ? Private Messages (PMs) ?
? Base Type ? Local Quote Color ? Sample
? Newsgroup ? LOC_PRIVMSGS Text Color ? Sample
? QWK Name ? LOC_PRIVMSGS Tear Color ? Sample
? Echo Tag ? Origin Color ? Sample
? File Name ? LOC_PRIVMSGS Kludge Color ? Sample
? Path ? /mnt/bbs/mystic/msgs/local/ Max Msgs ? 0
? List ACS ? g1 Max Msg Age ? 0
? Read ACS ? g1 New Scan ? Forced
? Post ACS ? g1&!fa QWK Scan ? Forced
? Sysop ACS ? s255g1 Header ? msghead
? List EACS ? % R Template ? ansimrd
? ? L Template ? ansimlst
? Net Address ? 0:0/0 (Local Address) Real Names ? No
? Export To ? 0 node(s) Autosigs ? Yes
? Origin ? Private ? Yes
? QWK Network ? None Pvt Reply ? No
? QWK Base ID ? 0 Allow ANSI ? Yes

In my prelogin menu, and for (C)heck E-Mail in the Messages Menu, I have:

Command: (MC) Check e-mail

When it checks for e-mails, I get:


###### From Subject Date
1 Zip Test 1 07/27/21

...but when selecting "Yes", I get:

You don't have access to read in this message area!

End of messages.

...apparently because I was currently standing in:

Group....: FidoNet
Area.....: MYSTIC: Discussion and chat about the Mystic BBS software

I tried adding /G or /GROUP to (MC), but it didn't appear to have any effect,
so probably those flags do not exist for (MC). I couldn't find anything
affirmative on the wiki or in whatsnew.txt regarding such flags either.

Is there some way to make this work, allowing it to display new e-mails
regardless of the current area?

Or should I skip using the (MC) function and instead rely on my global personal
scan instead, i.e.:

Command: (MN) Message new scan
Data: /P /G /NOLR /NOREAD that one appears to have no problems reading the messages (thanks to /G)?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards

--- Mystic BBS v1.12 A47 2021/07/23 (Linux/64)
* Origin: Star Collision BBS, Uppsala, Sweden (2:201/137)


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